I have always enjoyed a good story. Not only that, I have always loved a good story well told. When I was younger I used to imagine stories all the time and for long periods I would carry on with the same stories, adding characters, situations and a general sense of evolution to them. 
Later on I found those stories in books and in TV shows and in movies, and I tried to replicate that myself in writing: Short stories, long stories, character descriptions... Then, slowly, I began to find
the power of cinema as something not only amusing but intriguing and fascinating: you didn't have to describe so meticulously to draw the most accurate picture (according to your imagination) in people's minds: you could show it with movement, with colours, with sound...you could bring it to life. Because of that, among the many storytelling choices you have, I studied audiovisual communication and afterwards I majored in film directing. 
Recently i also started slowly exploring graphic design, since it also has the power to tell stories in a visual and creative way.
even though I am more into motion pictures, photography has the ability to let you focus on one story, on one captured moment that, in a way, has continuous potential. the theme that attracts me the most is individuals interacting with the environment, particularly when it allows to explore loneliness.
Despite my inclination for the visual aspect of storytelling, be it in videography or cinema, books and written stories have been, AND STILL ARE, THE source material and inspiration for me all this time. I haven't lost my profound love for them.